Water Testing

Water used in your facility must be free of microbiological and chemical contamination. 

Why Test Water?

Water quality in any food producing environment affects virtually every part of the operation, from hand washing, hygiene practices, the taste of coffee and other drinks, ice quality, steamers and combi ovens, and anything water is used for in the environment.

If the water is contaminated it will seriously affect your ability to produce safe food and can destroy your businesses reputation. 

Testing the quality of water is crucial for all food producers, be it restaurant or hotel kitchens, drinks or food manufacturers. Business owners need to be confident that their quality meets the minimum standard for food environments and will not harm their customers.

Other Reasons for Testing Water

  • Cleaner glassware, dishes and utensils
  • Confidence in drinking water
  • Equipment efficiency and longevity
  • Improved flavour profiles in food and drink
  • Regulatory obligations         

“Our goal is to lead every client we work with through the complex maze of food safety”.

Declan McMahon - CEO, Hychem Group