Who Are Hychem Food Safe?

About Us

We are food safety consultants with over 35 years experience across every type of food production discipline, from low and high-risk food manufacturing to dairy production, restaurants & hotels and farm production . 

We understand food safety at a core level and have the skills and experience to help any business implement robust food safety management systems, HACCP, GMP, Pre-Requisite Programs and Hygiene Management Systems to ensure your food safety is always at the forefront of your food business.

Our Vision

To bring world class food safety to Kenya and other African Countries. Every person on Earth deserves to eat wholesome, safe food that will not harm them. Hychem Food Safe are dedicated to this.

Our Mission

To be the first choice for all food producers, hotels, restaurants & farmers in food safety support and implementation, training and continuous monitoring and consultation, ensuring your food safety standards are the highest in the industry.

Our Team

Mary Runyenje
Business Development Manager

Mary has worked in the hygiene industry for over 15 years, supplying food safety training and hygiene products and equipment to most of the large chain hotels, restaurants and food manufacturers. A dedicated professional with an almost infinite knowledge of the right chemical applications for any job. 

“Food safety goes hand in hand with product supply. There is little point in providing chemicals and equipment that are directly related to good hygiene if the user has little or no concept of food safety in their establishment.”.
Mary Runyenje – Business Development Manager, Hychem Group

Medrin Mbiyu
Senior Sales Manager

Medrin is a sales professional who has been in the industry for over 15 years. She has a laser focused approach to creating the right service for each client she works with. Also a skilled food safety trainer with a vast knowledge of how to implement effective food safety systems in any business. Medrin’s attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. She always sees projects through to the highest completion, never missing a detail.

“Clients need to rely on their suppliers to guide them effectively in matters of hygiene and food safety. Our goal at Hychem Food Safe is to be the first point of contact for all our clients when they need hygiene related support and training”.
Medrin Mbiyu – Senior Sales Manager, Hychem Group

Declan McMahon
Food Safety Consultant

With 30+ years experience in food safety management systems, Declan has worked in multiple countries across the globe including the UK, Dubai, Spain, France and Africa – supporting some of the biggest names such as Emirates Flight Catering, Bakkavor, Marks & Spencers, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Java House Africa, to name a few.

A Level 4 HACCP professional, and a member of the UK CIEH, Declan has spent his professional career training people in food safety applications, HACCP implementation, food safety auditing and FSMS. He is well versed in ISO 22000, BRC, GFSI, Global Gap, SALSA and most recognised international food safety standards.

“Food safety is an obligation every food producer has. People need to be able to trust the food they buy and consume will not harm them. Nearly half a million people die each year from food poisoning related illnesses. This does not need to be the trend. Dedication to proper food safety systems will reduce this substantially”.
Declan McMahon – Food Safety Consultant

Michael Mwakuwa
Food Safety Consultant

With 8+ years of experience in Quality Management and Food Safety Systems, Michael has worked for several organizations in Kenya supporting big players in the food industry such as Mugoya Vegetables, Frigoken, Nestle Kenya, Kenya Bureau of Standards and Java House Africa.

A professional Food Scientist, Michael has spent his career setting up Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) and has experience in laboratory set ups and implementing ISO 17025:2017. He has also implemented Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000:2018) and is a trainer of food safety and hygiene. Also a member of the Kenya Bureau of Standards Technical Committee that drafts national standards on food hygiene, water and sensory analysis.

“Food safety is a culture that can be developed by food businesses through training, consultation with experts, and dedication to implement the right systems in order to ensure every meal or product produced is safe to eat”.
Michael Mwakuwa – Food Safety Consultant, Hychem Group

Karen Peñero
Technical Coordinator

Karen has been a food safety technical professional for over 15 years, working for some of the biggest names in the food industry, including Emirates Flight Catering. She is a highly skilled food safety auditor and is a holder of Level 4 in Food Safety Management for Manufacturing, a Level 4 HACCP professional and is well versed in ISO 22000:2018 (food safety), ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management), The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, OHSAS 18001:2007 (health & safety) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management).

Karen always adopts a ‘right first time’ approach to food safety management, ensuring the systems she creates are highly effective and provide world class solutions to food safety risks.

“Food safety is a collaborative effort of everybody in the food chain, working together to achieve a safer food supply globally. This effort starts with creating a food safety culture that aims to protect the health of the consumers from any risks due to consumption of potentially unsafe products. A firm commitment and proactive approach are the formulas of a successful food safety implementation”.
Karen Peñero – Technical Coordinator, Hychem Group