Food Safety Auditing

Auditing your food safety protocols is critical to maintaining the integrity of the food your business produces.


Why Do Food Safety Audits?

Food safety audits are critical to maintaining food safety standards and certification, by providing visibility and assurance that your food safety protocols are being maintained. This visibility increases the collaborative capacity of stakeholders across the supply chain, and enhances safety, efficiency and continual improvement within your business.

Whether you are an experienced audit participant or completely new to the concept, Hychem Food Safe can conduct on-site audits or guide you through the auditing process, and help establish any food safety gaps and identify areas for improvement. Auditing is an invaluable tool in gaining an overall picture of the effectiveness of your food safety systems.

There is always room for growth and development within your audit process.

Other Reasons for Food Safety Audits

There are a number of reasons why food businesses conduct food safety audits. For example, auditing is a required component of becoming certified to a food safety standard. Other reasons to conduct audits include:

  • Commercial objectives
  • Evaluation of the management system or management priorities
  • Supplier evaluations or customer requirements
  • Food safety incidents
  • Regulatory or contractual requirements         

“Our goal is to lead every client we work with through the complex maze of food safety. We aim to make food safety a culture in each business we consult with. “

Declan McMahon - Food Safety Consultant