Hygiene Management

There is no food safety in a food producing environment without good hygiene practices. They are crucial to creating safe food.

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What Is Hygiene Management?

Hygiene management forms part of a food businesses pre-requisite program. It is probably the main food safety requirement in any food business. Without good hygiene practices it is virtually impossible to implement food safety, as the key requirements for producing safe food require a clean environment in which to operate.

A hygiene management system is a standalone set of procedures. These include cleaning instruction cards for all items that need to be cleaned, a schedule of cleaning frequency, records of cleaning, training evidence that the people cleaning are trained to do the job effectively and audit schedules and results. These procedures and documents form the basis of the hygiene management system, and must be completed as scheduled, with auditable documentation as evidence that the system is being followed and is effective.

Hychem Food Safe can assist your business in creating a comprehensive hygiene management system that will ensure your environmental hygiene is of a world class standard.

The Importance of Good Hygiene

Good hygiene practices in a food producing environment will prevent microbiological contamination that can cause food poisoning, help control physical contamination such as hair and foreign bodies (items that do not belong in food), allergen contamination and chemical contamination.

Knowing which chemicals to use, how to clean the environment and the frequency in which to clean items is critical to food safety.

It is also crucial that the employees responsible for hygiene are fully trained in hygiene management, to ensure the procedures implemented are carried out effectively.    

“Good environmental hygiene practices drive food safety, and must be the number 1 priority in any food producing business. Customers rely on business owners to offer food that is safe to eat.”

Mary Runyenje - Business Development Manager